Unspeakable Blessings


by Angela Sherry


An estimated 150,000 children were shipped out of Great Britain to the colonies (mainly Canada, Australia, and South Africa) over a period of 350 years. The first child migrants left Britain for the Virginia Colony in 1618 but it was later in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries that these schemes began to gain momentum, only ending in the late 1960’s. It is estimated that between 1618 and the late 1960s that as many as 150,000 unaccompanied children were sent overseas by poor law guardians or philanthropic organizations to start new lives in Britain’s colonies. It may seem somewhat surprising that this kind of forced migration of children was allowed to go on for so long, and this paper attempts to discover what factors influenced the success of so many child migration schemes. It also examines the real-life stories of three Scottish orphans, and whether the factors under discussion played a part in their eventual emigration to the Fairbridge Farm School, at Pinjarra, Western Australia. We will also discover what happened to the three boys upon leaving Fairbridge Farm School to determine if their lives turned out the way their benefactors originally hoped they would. Finally, some analysis of data on some other 32 boys who made up the first two parties to emigrate to the Fairbridge Farm School in 1913 attempts to determine if the life experiences of the Scottish three after emigration were unique or typical. The author has researched the lives of all 35 boys but for the purposes and scope of this paper has decided to focus on just three in depth, but has provided a brief synopsis of the lives of the remaining 32.

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